Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, retail businesses of all sizes have struggled with employee retention. According to Total Retail, “the average turnover rate in the retail industry [in 2021] is just above 60 percent.” This means that employers are constantly searching for new workers and spending valuable time and money onboarding employees.

So how can retail companies combat employee turnover? A reliable internal communication strategy is one of the key ingredients for a productive workplace environment. Establishing a sustainable communication system helps businesses maintain clarity, transparency, and contributes to employee morale. Here’s how effective internal communication strategies will transform your retail business.

Why Do Retail Employees Have a High Turnover Rate?

  • Mismatched Expectations: Communication is paramount during the onboarding process, and without clarity, crucial details get lost in the shuffle. If employees and management have different sets of expectations from the beginning, it can be a recipe for disaster down the road. Employees should never feel surprised by expectations or protocol after they’ve completed training.
  • Poor Training: Without the proper skills to excel at a job, new employees may feel frustrated, misunderstood, and overwhelmed. Effective training emphasizes the importance of communication, and facilitates an open dialogue between employees and management during onboarding and beyond.
  • Lack of Recognition: Recognizing employees for a job well done instills a sense of satisfaction and confidence in their work. Lack of recognition may cause hard-working employees to feel disenfranchised and ignored.

Emphasize Communication from the Start

Instead of switching your protocol after onboarding new employees, start your professional relationship with communication at the forefront from day-one. Employees should feel comfortable communicating with one another and with management from the start.

Sustainable communication is:

  • Accessible: Employees should have easy access to communication platforms across multiple devices.
  • Mutual: Management should lead by example and practice open communication with employees.
  • Timely: Effective communication should be conducted as promptly as possible.

Lead By Example

Strong internal communication begins with leadership. Company-wide leaders encourage employee communication when they maintain transparency and practice accountability regarding company policies. Remember, being open with employees will signal that you’re receptive to future communication.

Larger retail companies need to have communication systems in place on a regional / national level as well as on a store-by-store basis. This allows leaders to effectively convey company-wide updates, policy shifts, and announcements, and also manage daily tasks and responsibilities at an individual retail location.

Utilize Technology

Technology has transformed the way retail workers communicate. A cloud-based communication platform facilitates easy communication between employees and management. A healthy communication environment leads to company loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Assign Tasks – App-based platforms go beyond simple messaging capabilities and allow employees and management alike to assign and manage collaborative tasks. This way, there are fewer mix-ups about responsibilities and employees have instant access to progress updates and resources.

Share Updates – Policy changes, new products, and company-wide news can all be shared instantaneously to all employees regardless of location. This unites deskless workers by keeping everyone on the same page about essential company updates.

Integrate Interfaces – Effective internal communication software combines various channels of communication on one interface. Combine messenger capabilities with email and social channels to provide employees with an all-in-one platform for all work-related correspondence.

Welcome Feedback – Internal communication software makes it easy for employees to participate in surveys and questionnaires. Direct access to management empowers employees to check in with superiors, provide feedback, and seek input regarding their performance.

Transform Your Internal Communication with Konverse

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