In the post-COVID world, more employees than ever are working in deskless roles. Deskless work is a fantastic option for professionals who struggle with the rigidity of traditional desk jobs, and are looking for a flexible workplace. The downside is that without the consistent community atmosphere of an office space, deskless workers often feel isolated, underappreciated, or underprepared. This leads deskless workers to quit more frequently since they feel no sense of inclusion and community in the workplace.


So what is the best way to retain deskless workers? Here are our top tips on how to transform your remote workforce into a thriving, collaborative community.


#1 Offer Ongoing Training

Deskless workers often feel ill-equipped to do their job. Without the support system of an office community, deskless workers are thrown into the deep end once training ends. An in-person office space helps ease employees into their new role by facilitating casual conversations between peers or quick check-ins with supervisors. Unfortunately, deskless jobs don’t offer the same proximity and easy access to resources.


To compensate, offer your employees ongoing training sessions that continue to hone their skills. These sessions provide employees with an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight from peers and supervisors alike.


Ongoing training and educational resources come in many forms. Common formats include:


  • Webinars
  • Remote staff meetings
  • Video demonstrations
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Journals


#2 Be Flexible

Over the last few years, workers have adapted to the new remote work model and now expect a certain level of flexibility from their employer. An overly strict workplace is sure to be a turnoff to remote workers who want to prioritize their flexible schedules.


Offer employees flexible work hours if possible. This way, they have the autonomy to create their own daily routine. Provide the technological support to enable workers to do their jobs from any location.


#3 Prioritize Team-Building

It’s hard to feel like you’re part of a community when everyone is working remotely. Most remote workers haven’t even met their bosses or peers in person! To remedy the lack of physical community, we recommend leaning into virtual events that foster teamwork and community spirit. Facilitate events outside of work that allow employees to get to know one another and form connections. Some ideas for remote team-building events include:


  • Virtual happy hour with employees.
  • Virtual game night.
  • Open office hours on zoom where employees can drop in to ask questions.
  • Employee-led competitions.


Of course there are many other ways to foster community in your workforce! A little team-spirit will go a long way.


#4 Recognize Quality Work

Employees are accustomed to receiving feedback when they do something wrong, but what about when they do something right? Achievements in remote work often go unacknowledged since employees aren’t being closely monitored by their supervisors. While the lack of constant supervision can be liberating, it may also lead to feelings of disappointment when quality work goes unrecognized. Make sure you tell your employees when they are doing a good job! This helps boost morale and makes employees feel valued.


#5 Communicate

The most important element of a successful remote workforce is ongoing communication. Without clear communication, workers might feel confused, frustrated, and left out. Prioritizing communication is one of the best ways to facilitate a positive work environment.


Since remote workers may be posted all across the country, communication needs to be streamlined, accessible, and instantaneous. Intranet platforms offer employees the capability to chat in real time, integrate email communications, and collaborate on projects all in one easy-to-use work management platform.


Building Community with Konverse

Unite your deskless workforce with Konverse. Konverse is a remote workforce management platform that integrates elements like task management, event scheduling, employee training and more. Konverse prioritizes a culture of corporate alignment, where deskless employees are on the same page as supervisors and peers alike. By offering integration with existing tools, Konverse streamlines your communication methods without any hassle.


The best part? Employees love using Konverse’s easy-to-manage mobile platform. With everything in one place, it’s simple to get the job done and keep everyone on the same page. Plus, Konverse offers an integrated rewards system, so employees are recognized when their work goes above and beyond.


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