Training employees in any setting can be a daunting task, but training deskless remote employees may take the ticket for being one of the most challenging onboarding tasks a company may face. Training deskless employees is hardly a new feat – after all, people have been working since before the desk was even invented! But as onboarding has become more intensive, new tools have emerged to help ensure your new hires are actively engaged during the training process.

In this blog, we provide a checklist of the best practices you need to know before you start to train your deskless remote employees.

Checklist to Train Your Deskless Remote Employees

Find a Platform to Train Deskless Remote Employees

Before you can even think about training your deskless remote employees, you need to ensure that they have access to tools that will allow them to access and complete training modules set up for their training.

In the past, training might boil down to instructional videos or text documents that employees scan through on their computer. The best deskless training for employees focuses on actively engaging employees and tracking their progress in real time.

For instance, you may have an instructional video that outlines various aspects of your onboarding process, but when done remotely, it is impossible to see whether employees are actually being attentive to the video.

Konverse allows you to train or onboard your employees quickly and effectively from anywhere in the world. By simply downloading an app, deskless employee onboarding can be easily accomplished with a variety of customizable tools uniquely suited for your business.

Draft a List of “Must-Have” Training Modules for Each Role

Hospitality, healthcare, real estate – there are countless deskless roles that require a high level of expertise. Once you have a platform that can be easily accessed for these roles, you need to determine what training is essential to their position.

Consider a large hotel chain. An organization like this might have many different roles that serve as functioning parts within their larger infrastructure: receptionists, reservations agents, chefs, housekeeping, and executive staff. While these employees may all work under the same umbrella, the tasks are varied, and thus there is no single training or onboarding approach that will work for all of them.

Konverse makes it easy to create and organize lessons that can be allotted to each position. For instance, you can assume all new hires will have some overlap in their orientation that might include workplace policy education, benefits, harassment training, and other general onboarding material. Role-specific training can be set for each role in “rooms” so that each employee gets training that matters to their position.

Offering the right training to employees early-on is a key indicator of their long-term success. With Konverse, it is easy to create and organize lessons with files, videos, photos, and more.

Communication is Key

Communication is important with any type of training, and for deskless remote workers, ensuring that they are learning and having their questions answered is vital to their long-term success.

In a typical office, questions can typically be answered just by walking over to another desk. But in a deskless remote setting, an employee who doesn’t have their questions answered can feel lost and not perform at their best.

Konverse offers a “direct question” feature that ensures that any questions throughout the training process are sent to the proper team member so they can quickly get the answers that they need. Progress can be monitored in real time through dashboards that track employees’ completed courses and training objectives. Additionally, any trainings or in-person events can be scheduled and exported to Google, Outlook, and iCalendar with automatic event capacity and cancellation management.

Ongoing Training for Deskless Remote Employees

As policies change and employees grow more senior in their positions, additional training may be required over the lifespan of their tenure. Thankfully, Konverse doesn’t stop after onboarding is over.

A complete tool for deskless employees and contractors, Konverse provides a suite of invaluable tools like internal communication, task management, event management, service desk functionality, and much more. Training can be assigned as needed with robust tracking that ensures your employees are getting the education they need to succeed in their roles.

Training deskless remote employees has never been easier with Konverse. Schedule a demo with our team and see how our all-in-one platform unites non-desk employees and contractors.

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