For companies of all sizes, internal communication is the backbone of a healthy workplace culture. Internal communication strategies allow employees to share information, engage with leadership, and collaborate with team members. Needless to say, effective communication strategies are essential for fostering an employee-centric environment.


Unfortunately, it’s easy for internal communications to become boring, repetitive, and passé. We’ve all skipped over lengthy emails or missed poorly distributed memos. Looking for new ways to reinvigorate your internal communications strategies? We’ve gathered five examples of creative internal communication techniques that will transform the way your team communicates.


#1 Tell Stories

Don’t just communicate with data and statistics—tell a story! Although it’s important to offer employees context about your business goals, it’s far more effective to impart information in a story-based format. Share anecdotes from your experience and ask employees to do the same.


To craft an engaging anecdote, share relatable elements from your experience. Remember, many employees are still learning the ropes, so it’s helpful to stay away from too much jargon or facts and figures. Use grounding and funny details, like pop-culture references, to root your story in common themes. Remember, the goal is to engage your employees and foster an environment of collaboration and comfortable communication between peers.


#2 Use Polls

If you want to maintain an employee centric environment, employees need to feel seen and heard. Polls are a fantastic way to gauge employee interest and crowdsource popular ideas.


Use polls to:


  • Establish preferred meeting times for the majority of employees.
  • Gauge employee satisfaction.
  • Learn more about employee interests and priorities.
  • Gain insight into leadership performance.


To encourage widespread participation, include polls in weekly newsletters, email blasts, and message threads.


#3 Include Video Elements

Stay away from standard emails and messages and utilize videos as part of your regular employee engagement strategy. Videos are a more dynamic and memorable way to share information, and can be utilized in a wide variety of contexts.


Education – Instead of solely relying on your employee handbook, include video elements in you training program. Demonstrations and how-to videos may be more successful learning tools for some employees who prefer a visual learning style.


Meetings – Companies with a widespread employee base should consider hosting video meetings to facilitate an inclusive space where employees can share ideas and ask questions. Don’t underestimate the value of being able to see someone’s face as you communicate and problem-solve.


Presentations – Ask employees or team leaders to create short video presentations about current company goals or industry trends. This is a fantastic way to highlight employee achievements and show appreciation for their hard work.


Develop an Internal Social Network

Internal communication programs offer employees a chance to connect no matter where they are. Internal social network platforms are a great way to unite remote workers and create a sense of community spirit. Internal social networks upgrade online messaging platform by allowing employees to like, comment, and share each other’s posts. Similar to a social media app, employees can view a feed of all the internal communication highlights so it’s easy to stay up to date.


Establish an Intranet Platform

Intranet refers to a private, internal communication platform within a company. Not to be confused with internet, intranet is a self-contained platform that’s exclusively accessible to employees of your company. Intranet allows employees to collaborate, share information, and provides an accessible digital workspace.


Intranet-based tools offer numerous advantages over other communication platforms, including:


  • The ability to directly communicate with bosses and executives.
  • Collaboration tools for a streamlined work flow.
  • Social-media features that facilitate open conversation.
  • The ability to disseminate a large quantity of information to all your employees.


Adopting Creative Communication with Konverse

Konverse is an internal communication app aimed towards uniting deskless workers across the globe. Built for easy access on any device, Konverse offers real-time updates, task management solutions, scheduling support, and more.


Looking for a multi-faceted approach to communication? Konverse has a robust set of communication tactics all housed on one platform. Highlights include:


  • Crowd sourcing capabilities.
  • Email integration.
  • Social networking
  • Mobile-supported communication.


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