The best retail task management depends on having the right tools for the right challenges. In the wake of COVID-19, preparedness is more essential than ever.

According to Entrepreneur, the majority of Americans have stated that they feel very comfortable returning to shopping malls and physical stores, and 49% of American adults are making more purchases than before the pandemic. In short, retail is back, and to get the best results, you need an effective retail task management strategy.

In this blog, we outline everything you need to know about managing retail operations in a post-pandemic environment. While shopping habits may have changed, people are ready to spend and your team must be organized and prepared to deal with the new normal of retail.

What is Retail Task Management?

While the world may look a little different than it did back in 2019, retail task management remains relatively the same. In short, retail task management is the process of organizing store tasks to increase your overall productivity.

The objectives of retail task management may be relatively static, but technology has evolved, allowing retail locations to optimize their goals and get the best results. To get the most out of retail task management, using retail task management apps have become favored. The best retail task management tools combine a swath of features to align your objectives and employee needs.

4 Features You Need For Effective Retail Task Management

Task Management Systems

It goes without saying that a task management system needs tools that directly address the problem at hand. Konverse has turned this once-laborious process into a fine-tuned machine that is simple to deploy and easy to use.

Konverse’s task management system offers a simple way to assign tasks to your team and track the results in real time. These can be assigned in an ordered sequence, aligning employees with what needs to be done to prevent idling or waiting for managers to provide them with the next task. Finally, a task management program can help you track the efficacy of individual employees, allowing you to understand inefficiencies and reward great performance.

Aligning Communication

To effectively manage your team, their schedules must be aligned with a store’s short- and long-term objectives. Aligning your communication is essential for retail success.

Everyone knows that retail stores get busiest during their holiday seasons. But often, revenue can be influenced by other factors that need to be communicated across your team. Street fairs, the launch of a hot new product, or flash sales can dictate traffic into a store. To prepare for these events, your team needs to prepare in advance to minimize absences.

Konverse provides a centralized communication platform that allows messaging to be sent to all appropriate parties. Whether you’re looking to communicate to an individual, a management team, a store, or even across all branches, Konverse makes communication as simple as pressing a button.

Reward Success

Staff shortages pose a threat to the state of retail nationwide. According to Forbes, the industry at large needs to add at least one million new workers in order to compensate with demand and losses due to the pandemic. The problem? As soon as new employees are hired on board, others quit.

As an industry, retail has always been subject to high turnover. But in a working environment where demand for workers is high, it has become easier for employees to be choosy about the jobs they take. If they don’t feel valued, your employees will leave.

Retail can be a thankless job, and many underestimate just how much hard work goes into the daily tasks of running a retail location. Konverse offers an ample platform for recognizing the work of your employees and broadcasting it across your organization. Rewards can be customized for unique achievements, and can be viewed underneath their profile. Not only does this help your hardest team members feel appreciated, it can encourage other members across your organization to work their hardest and do their best.

Standardized Training

Deskless training can be a challenge in retail, and it is true that a lot of the skills required for success have to be learned on the floor. For the rest, rely on Konverse. Konverse offers an easy way to create, organize, and standardize your employee training across stores. This can help make training more efficient, and can be organized for various positions to streamline the process.

What Do You Need for Efficient Retail Task Management? Konverse.

To achieve organizational success in retail, you need to hit goals on time, every time. Retail task management depends on aligning every part of your operations with standardized, flexible tools that allow you to address whatever problems are at hand.

Between task management, communication, employee recognition, training, and a variety of other features, Konverse can help your retail operations achieve success. Contact us for more information about our services.