Frontline managers are directly responsible for the day-to-day operations on-site in hospitality and retail. These managers are tasked with keeping teams focused, ensuring tactical duties are accomplished, and achieving high store performance. With so much work to balance, leaders who equip their frontline managers with a digital workplace see improved productivity and engagement. Frontline managers with a mobile-first digital workplace solution like Konverse can manage their teams, streamline task workflows and more easily attract and retain new talent.

Learn 5 ways frontline managers should be using Konverse.

#1. Manage Checklists and Tasks with Ease

The workday can get hectic quickly for frontline managers. With so much to juggle, managers need a tool that allows them to assign tasks to team members and ensure to-dos are accomplished. Konverse makes task management easy. Simply create a task, assign it, and track completion.

Task Management_Konverse

Team members are notified when a task is assigned and can comment questions, submit pictures, and confirm completion at the tip of their fingers. Managers can also create Group Tasks, which need an assigned “group” of people to finish the task before it is marked ‘complete. 

#2. Use Data Dashboards for Real-time Decision-making

Data is a game-changer when it comes to decision making on the floor. Konverse builds custom, easy-to-understand data dashboards with performance metrics for its customers. These dashboards offer real time profit/loss and labor data to inform decision making for frontline managers – all without going to a computer.

With data dashboards, managers are alerted when there’s a till discrepancy or if team members are reaching overtime hours. With real-time data, managers can make proactive decisions that benefit the business, their teams, and customers.

#3. Collaborate with Managers Across Locations

Ever wonder how managers at other locations work? With Konverse, you can create group chats and discussion rooms to ask questions and share ideas with peers.

Konverse can create custom location maps that show the hours of nearby locations, the designated point-of-contact, and more. Managers can quickly contact one another to share and redistribute resources in a pinch.

Discussion Rooms are also great for shift managers who need to share important information with other managers before the end of their workday.

#4. Recruit and Manage Prospects with Ease

Konverse is an effective advantage to recruit top talent in a competitive market. Create referral Rooms in Konverse to collect recruit information from peers. Recruit Posts can be used to track progress from interview to onboarding. (1)

Managers can also view and update their interview calendars, so important events never slip through the cracks.

Konverse can also help distinguish your business in a sea of competition as a tool committed to empowering employees and helping them in their daily work.

#5. Develop Culture Through Communication

Frontline managers not only ensure productivity and customer satisfaction, but also develop onsite company culture. With Konverse, managers can make important company announcements, acknowledge stand-out team members, and create a safer work environment.  

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Because the whole team has access to Konverse, important information is easily distributed, and managers can quickly respond to employees.

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