Konverse grows with your business. Our platform supports unlimited rooms and scales to millions of concurrent users. 

Govern all your users and teams from a single place

Rest assured knowing we maintain a 98-100% apdex score 24 hours a day.

“Before Konverse came along, we were craving a tool that would allow someone to log in and easily find the information they needed that was specific to them. Konverse enables the right information at the right time to the right people.“

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– Roe McFarlane, President, Follett



Effectively and efficiently reach your nondesk workers across the globe without breaking the bank.

Measure the success of communication campaigns, productivity, and performance all in one place.

Our users come from all walks of life. Konverse is easy-to-use, reduces context-switching, and gives users the communication tools they need at their fingertips.


$2 million+
saved in licensing costs since 2019

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75% increase
in OSHA compliance task completion

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fewer emails a day



We take the time to understand your organization. With key insights, our team integrates and extends Konverse so it’s the perfect platform your business.

Make Konverse an extension of your brand when we custom white-label your solution.

Konverse is built for rapid customization so you don’t have to wait years to go live.

“Konverse really helped us build the application that not only benefits our hotels and staff on the ground, but also provides the type of reporting that our corporate and regional offices need.”

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Mike Cohen, Director of Communication Systems, Hyatt

Konverse customization


Have peace of mind knowing your data is protected, following the latest best practices in cyber security.

Utilize foolproof custom permission settings to optimize privacy.

Feel confident knowing that, with Konverse, you own your data.


What are you waiting for? Learn how Konverse can unite your nondesk workforce.