Community Management Strategies for Internal Communications

Digital workplaces are important for deskless teams to stay connected, productive, and focused, but can create a strain for managers and HR teams who worry about confidential or sensitive information being shared across a platform. Communication tools can also invite extraneous threads that distract teams rather than streamline work.

Successful community management and moderation sets expectations for how users communicate with one another on a platform and prioritizes inclusion and productivity.

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Managers shouldn’t have to spend their whole day reviewing communication among staff. Team members also don’t want to feel scrutinized for every message sent. Rather, leaders should focus on setting a precedent for respectful, productive conversation so that managers spend time on their most important work and employees feel comfortable using the tools provided.

Tips for Community Management & Moderation

Consider these tips to help improve communication and limiting the need for formal moderation.

1. Create a Community Agreement

When introducing a new communication tool to your staff or onboarding new team members to a platform, consider creating a Community Agreement that they must sign to access the platform. Outline guidelines to follow, like inclusive language, topics to avoid, etc. With clear expectations, employees will understand what types of messages are or aren’t appropriate in a professional environment. By having employees sign an agreement, your managers will have a reference-able document to use when reviewing comms.

2. Share Best Practices with Training

Another way to set clear expectations with employees is to provide training around professional communications practices. Include contextual examples with do’s and don’ts and tie the lesson back to larger company goals (productivity, community, etc.). Formal training equips employees with the knowledge they need to succeed and also builds necessary skills around professionalism, writing, and communication.

3. Lead by Example

Leading by example may be the most powerful way for leaders to encourage the adoption of communication best practices. Consider participating in internal forums and responding to comments on your posts to show what appropriate use of a communications tool looks like.

How to Moderate Communications in Konverse

Of course, when reviewing employee communications, moderation options make every leaders’ job easier. Konverse offers multiple options for moderating content.

Basic Moderation capabilities include:

  • Admins can Edit or Delete any content throughout the application.
  • Room owners can Edit or Delete any content in Rooms where they are listed as the Owner.
  • Members can Edit and Delete their own content.

Key Admin views include:

  • Admins can review a user's Post History via their Profile.
  • Admins can access user accounts to review posting and commenting history.

Moderating content in Rooms:

  • Any Room can be configured so only specific Users have permission to Post or Comment.
  • Comments can be disabled on any Post or on all Posts within a Room.

More advanced moderation options:

  • Users can set up a Saved Search for sensitive terms. The user will be notified with a notification if any Saved Search terms are used in the app.
  • Admins can create customized workflows that require approval before a user can publish a post within a public room.

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