Your profile includes a profile picture, background image, and basic contact information (including email, phone number, title, etc.). Users can send you a private post, see which loops or rooms you have in common with another member, and find links to posts you published anywhere in the app from your user profile. 

Update Your Profile Details 

To edit, click on your icon in the top right section of the header. Select 'My Settings' in the dropdown. Scroll to the Controls section of your profile and click 'Edit Profile.' A form will appear.

Fill in any details and click 'Publish' to save your updates and push them live. 

Update Your Profile Photo or Banner Image

To edit or update your profile image or background image, click the photo icon to the right of the existing profile image. From there, select the image you wish to update, either the Profile or Banner image. Your Finder window will appear. Choose an image (PNG or JPEG) from the Finder window and click "open." The new image will automatically appear and save to your profile. 

Expert Tip : As long as you and the other users in the app have updated contact information, you have the ability to contact a user directly from their profile. If you’re on desktop, you can click to email directly from a user profile and if you’re on a mobile device, you can tap to email, text, or call directly from a user's profile page.