The franchise organizations that succeed are those that ensure a consistent customer experience across locations. However, it can be difficult for corporate to easily connect and communicate with their franchise owners and onsite employees. Without the right tools in place, day-to-day operations, branding, and best practices vary from location to location, leading to an unpredictable customer experience.

Konverse was designed for franchise businesses to empower nondesk workers to manage tasks, communicate, execute processes, access key information, and more. Now, Konverse’s latest feature, Partner Publishing, makes it easier for corporate franchise leaders to connect with their franchisees.  

What is Partner Publishing?

Partner Publishing is Konverse’s latest feature that directly connects corporate communicators with their franchisee’s Konverse apps. With Partner Publishing, corporate leadership can opt franchise or affiliate apps into corporate announcements. This way, corporate content is directly pushed to franchise or affiliate apps without the need to switch to corporate’s Konverse app.

Corporate leadership can also set up Partner Publishing to be optional, so individual franchisees can take complete control over the content their employees see from corporate.

Why should my business use Partner Publishing?

Partner Publishing is an excellent way for corporate leadership to ensure their communications are viewed by franchisees without disrupting employees’ learned behaviors. It’s easier for employees to read content already hosted in their white-labeled Konverse app rather than download a second app for those same communications.

With Partner Publishing, it’s easier to create synergies across the brand’s franchisees. Rooms can be created that allows franchisees to submit information and reach out to corporate leadership more easily. Corporate can push only the most important content to franchise leaders to keep them informed.  

How does Partner Publishing work?

To set up Partner Publishing, contact your Konverse Customer Support associate.

Once Partner Publishing is set up, corporate opts partner apps into their content and selects customization settings. Once activated, opted-in posts will be sent directly to partner apps.