Welcome to Konverse! To access your app for the first time, use the link included in your Konverse Welcome Email.

Open the Welcome Email and click the Activate Your Account button on the email.

Welcome Email

You will be sent to the app's login page. If you are not sent to the login page when you click the Activate Your Account button, copy and paste the link in your welcome email (found at the very bottom of the message) into your web browser.


Your username will populate. Complete the activation of your account by setting a password. You will be asked to enter the password a second time to confirm your account.

Once you click Log In, your account will be activated.

If you did not receive a welcome email or cannot find it in your inbox, please contact support@konverse.com and a new welcome email will be sent to you.

Please note: Organizations using authentication tools to sync existing passwords with Konverse will not receive a request to create a password and will instead be prompted to enter a password. In these cases, please use the email & password combination you use to access your other technology sites.