A user can edit their notification settings by finding notification settings in their profile menu. 

From your notification settings, you can:

  • Edit your global email or push notification settings by toggling them on or off.
  • Pick and choose how you are notified based on different actions that can be performed in the app.

Turning off all email or push notifications

At the top of the notification settings, you will find toggles for Email and Push. You can leave both on or turn one off.  We recommend always keeping at least one on so that you do not miss important content added to your app. Turning both OFF will block ALL notifications to your phone or email inbox.

  • The email or push notifications are turned on when the toggle is slid to the right and it shows as green.
  • The email or push notifications are turned off when the toggle has been slid to the left and is no longer green.

Turning one or both off will prevent you from being able to manage the individual actions below the global setting.

Turning off notifications for specific actions

If you feel that you are getting notified about certain actions that are not important to you, you can edit how you receive those notifications.

Beneath your global notification settings toggle, you will find a chart that includes all actions that can take place in the app. You can choose the actions you wish to be notified about and how you wish to be notified.

You can choose either push or email notification for a particular action. When the box is checked, it means it is turned on and you will receive that notification for that specific action. When the check mark is no longer visible, it means that type of notification has been turned off for that specific action.

If you no longer wish to receive a push or email notification for any of your subscribed searches, you can turn both email and push off.  While you will not receive a notification on your mobile device or in your email inbox, you will see this notification in the all updates section of your App Inbox the next time you login.

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