Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers needed a mobile solution with collaborative capabilities and the ability to view and improve their engagement. They also needed to update their academy and support software because their resources were disparate, costly, and hard to use. They discovered Konverse, and in partnership, we worked to implement a pilot program in just two short months.

"Our goal is to motivate our agents, of course, but most importantly, we want to build community. Konverse has been incredible for our company culture."

– Craig McClelland, Vice President and COO, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers

Keeping Teams Connected During COVID-19 and Beyond

To Craig McClelland, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, the pandemic further reinforced the need to tackle challenges head-on and remember to embrace the humanity of the situation. “You are either going to be human and try to understand where your teams, your partners, and your customers are at, and you’re going to empathize, or you’re going to put your head in the sand,” said McClelland.

Using Konverse, BHGRE Metro Brokers launched a company-wide broadcast video program called the Metro Challenge. Leadership covers market trends, shares new tools, and explores how to meet customers in times of uncertainty. With Konverse video hosting and Discussion Rooms, the business featured guest speakers, recognized agent success, and shared strategies to win in business. With the help of the Konverse platform, BHGRE Metro Brokers was able to build a closer community in a year of unprecedented challenges.

“We’re really focused on keeping our agents connected to the organization and engaged with one another. It can be as simple as asking teams to share success stories – about anything, not just in real estate or their professions, “said McClelland. “People are dealing with real life. If someone shares how they’re training a new puppy, we all learn a little bit more about them. We can say, ‘We’re going through this together.’ And when we’re in it together, it’s all a little less scary.”

Improving Agent Engagement with Konverse

"A lot of leaders underestimate how important a simple workflow is for employee success. When you have thousands of people who aren’t sitting at a desk all day, who are out in the field, talking with clients, or even working from home like now, simplicity is important, and Konverse has worked brilliantly for us."

– Craig McClelland, Vice President and COO, Better Homes & Gardens Metro Brokers


The team also launched MetroNet to be the go-to centralized platform for agents. The platform enables core agent communication, e-learning, event management, portal/intranet, document storage, and help desk, all in one mobile platform. Not only were they able to simplify their tech stack with a more affordable solution, but they also were able to execute highly successful engagement strategies and build agent community within the app.

“Agents and staff are looking to leadership for an honest and reliable flow of communication to help them navigate a volatile environment. Rather than inundate people with too much information from too many sources or leave agents and staff on their own to seek answers, we are prioritizing clear communication,” said McClelland. “By having a centralized hub of knowledge and communication, accessible from wherever, whenever, we’re ensuring we aren’t leaving any of our team members blind.”

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