While remote workers are more common than ever before, the need for workplace communications hasn't changed. Working at off-site office locations and from home offices presents many challenges to both business and personnel. Studies show employee morale and productivity can decrease when there are no clear lines of communication between workers and management.

Business suffers when remote teams are unclear in their daily tasks and drift further away from corporate goals. Keeping everyone involved and on task becomes difficult due to a lack of communication. The performance of remote workers can be improved when companies leverage an enterprise social network to make it easier to communicate, assign tasks to remote employees, and get instant feedback from supervisors about work challenges.

What is an Enterprise Social Network?

Social networks have already proven to be a powerful way to engage populations with similar interests. This same idea, when applied to a business setting, provides a central communication platform that allows employees to connect and collaborate with each other.

An enterprise social network is only accessible to employees who are given access permission. No matter where remote workers are, in the field, in the office, or at lunch with a client, they can immediately communicate with essential coworkers.

Streamline Document Management

Choose an enterprise social networking app that allows you to manage workplace documents seamlessly through integration with other business and internet platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. With all these office production tools located in one accessible location, it makes uniting your remote and in-office workers much easier, so they can be more productive and more efficient.

Whether you're managing employees, work tasks, client requests, or customer relations, an enterprise-wide social network supercharges your entire operations by opening lines of communication and access to information.

Improve Internal Communications With an Enterprise Social Network

Many projects and business operations fail due to a lack of internal communications. When employees have the ability to chat in real time, everyone stays on point and on task. Having access to a public chat thread can help employees that are all working on the same project but not part of specific conversations.

This type of access to open communications can drive innovation and motivate different groups to perform at higher levels. Better internal communications have proven to help establish a positive company culture by giving employees a voice and increasing transparency between management and staff.

Streamline Task Management Processes

Enterprise-wide management systems also assist in time management and project tracking functions. Consider a network where supervisors can create and prioritize tasks for everyone on their team and track employee progress in real-time. Leveraging the power of enterprise social networking can give workers a clear path to successfully completing job functions, setting them up for success in their roles.

These systems eliminate much of the hassle and administrative tasks that go into daily operations with easy-to-follow task management screens that are customized for each employee, each division, or each project.

Unlock the Power of Enterprise Social Network with Konverse

Konverse makes it easy to take your business operations to new heights by leveraging the power of an enterprise social network that keeps employees engaged and moving forward. Social networks have connected communities across the world and now business owners have access to this same real-time communications platform that has been redesigned to fit how people work and how people communicate.  

Enterprise Social Networks allow managers to assign and streamline tasks and allow workers to know what is expected of them every day and what is expected of co-workers on the same team or in different parts of the organization.

Contact Konverse for a free demo and discover how your company can leverage the power of social networking to the benefit of company goals.

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