Marketing teams have a lot on their plates. Whether you have a team of two or 20, responsibilities range from social media and paid marketing to employee engagement initiatives to brand strategy to media training, and the list goes on. With all these responsibilities, it is inevitable that we are faced with hundreds – if not thousands ­– of marketing tools that are *meant* to make our lives easier.

Oftentimes though, marketers are left switching from solution to solution trying to access (and learn) the right tool for the right project, wasting time and energy.

Konverse offers a different solution, with a robust, centralized communication feature set that helps teams organize, communicate, and manage workloads. Check out four ways marketing teams should be using Konverse below.

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Ditch your outdate intranet for centralized, accessible document storage

Marketers are all too familiar with the, “Can you send me the logo?” email and responding with a link to the company intranet. Managing marketing materials and sharing content across an organization can be difficult, especially with an out-of-date intranet as your main sharing tool.

With Konverse, marketers can create Rooms to house all their important internal-facing documents, from brand guidelines to one-pagers and more. As Admins of these Rooms, they ensure the most up-to-date version of content is always available, moderate questions about different content, turn comments off altogether when necessary, and even designate Folders to specific teams with viewing permissions.

Because Konverse is designed to be an all-in-one tool for teams, staff is already working in the platform, so it’s easier to find and use content made by the marketing team. Skip searching for the intranet link, signing in, and digging for folders. Instead, everything is seamlessly at the tip of your fingers and ready to use.

Receive and track marketing requests all in one place

Marketers are not only asked to send pre-existing materials to peers, but also regularly receive requests to create new content. These requests come in every form: emails, instant messages, texts, and on and on. Responding to requests, tracking request progress, and distributing new content can be incredibly frustrating without the right tool.

With Konverse, marketing teams can create a Help Desk designated to marketing requests. Marketers automatically receive notifications when a new request is made and can assign requests to different team members. Depending on how you set up your Help Desk, employees can track the progress of their request. New content can directly be uploaded to the Konverse platform, so everything from request to final deliverable can live in a centralized digital workplace.

Assign, manage, and track projects and tasks with your team

Marketers also need a tool to stay on top of daily tasks and longer projects. Whether a marketing team is large or small, Konverse’s Task Tracking tool is a great option to create, assign, manage, and complete items on the to-do list.

Teams can collaborate more easily, discuss projects via posts and comments, and feel a sense of ownership over specific projects. Over time, marketers can use analytics to get a sense of how long projects take on average to complete and can make more accurate forecasts.

Develop and launch a robust and measurable internal communications strategy

Depending on the structure of your marketing teams, you may also be responsible (at least in part) for employee engagement and corporate communications. Developing a robust internal communications strategy takes significant time and energy, but relying on email as the main channel of communication is unreliable and difficult to track. Who is reading your messages? Who is responding to call-to-actions? Are their certain employees that don’t have access to email? How can your team reach them?

Konverse has a robust set of top-down announcement features. Create posts, insert imagery and video, customize notifications, access views, encourage engagement through comments and likes, etc. With Konverse, your marketing team will activate timely, engaging content in a centralized location that’s accessible to all your employees – not just the ones with email. With visibility into engagement, you’ll be able to adjust campaigns to speak to the right audiences at the right time and ensure the success of your internal communication.

With an endless amount of responsibilities, marketers are always looking for the best way to execute their roles. Konverse is a robust platform with the tools marketers need to stay organized, communicate, and measure success.

Interested in implementing an all-in-one digital workplace for your organization? Request a demo today.