Now, more than ever, communication across individuals, teams, and business units is essential for companies with deskless workers. New processes are being put in place across industries, from grocery to hospitals to hospitality, to help ensure the health and safety of employees and customers.

But managing these changes can be difficult and overwhelming for the internal communications, operations, leadership, and deskless teams working through the COVID-19 crisis.

Teams need a centralized hub that can act as a single source of truth to share resources, make announcements, train employees, and track team tasks. Konverse is a comprehensive communication platform designed to keep deskless workers engaged and organized.

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Below are four ways to keep your frontline teams connected using Konverse.

Use Notifications to Keep Everyone in the Loop

Notifications are a great way to ensure viewership of key content. Whether you’re announcing a policy change or distributing key resources among team members, notifications are a simple and effective way to share important information.

You can set up notifications three ways:  

  1. Auto-subscribe everyone in the room to new posts.
  2. Check the “Notify All” checkbox when creating a new post.
  3. After creating a post, check the Views > Unread dropdown and hit “Renotify All” to send another email/mobile notification to people who haven't engaged yet.

Empower Employees with Group Tasks and Tracking

With remote work at an all-time high, it’s also essential to keep team members accountable and aligned on business priorities. With the new Group Tasks room, you can assign tasks and gather completion metrics from your team. By tracking tasks, managers can ensure they are providing the right support, so employees can do their best work.

Spend Time Well with Training  

Implementing and managing new tasks (think: CDC health guidelines) across locations throughout the country can seem daunting, but with in-app training available, employees can quickly get caught up on new protocols, create a consistent customer experience, and stay safe.

Leadership can also encourage remote employees to brush up on skills or develop their craft by creating new rooms for skills training or by delivering on-demand video content. Employees will feel productive and engaged while building out their professional skillset.

Keep Teams Engaged with Analytics

A well-crafted and consistent internal communication strategy is necessary during times of crisis and Konverse’s Analytics help teams learn what content is most successful and who is staying engaged. 

Here are three ways to measure engagement:

  1. Post Views: Click on the Views icon to see who has seen a post and who hasn't. 
  2. Room Analytics: As an admin or owner, you can see analytics for the current or prior months, including most popular posts and which users are most or least engaged.
  3. App Analytics: The analytics tab in the menu shares key information about your team's logins, most popular content, and most popular links.

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