What a year it has been! As 2021 winds down and we prepare for what 2022 has in store, we wanted to take some time to look back at the past year and reflect on our work, our clients, and what we’ve done to enhance communication for these organizations that are dedicated to their deskless workforce and their success.

The Deskless Workforce in 2021

Due to the pandemic and the current labor shortage, we learned that our customers were asking themselves, “How do we retain and engage our workforce? How do we make this a place people actually want to work?” Companies that have pivoted to a permanent remote working environment have recognized that COVID exposed a lack of ability to communicate with their workers outside of a traditional work setting. An internal communication app may still be a new concept to many companies that employ a deskless workforce, but we’re working diligently to change that.

Throughout 2021, we’ve talked with hundreds of organizations grappling with how to engage and empower their deskless workers, and we’ve seen many start (or restart) searches for an employee communication platform. We’ve also noticed significant growth in the adoption of our platform in the real estate and hospitality industries, demonstrating how useful a one-app communication solution can be for these employees who are always on the move.

To increase motivation and interaction, we implemented an awards and recognition feature this year that gives administrators the ability to award employees badges to highlight exceptional work. Companies must strive to provide better communication, collaboration, and motivation for their deskless workers if they want to retain them, and those that do will be the companies that attract the most inspired workers and enjoy the highest employee retention.

Engaging Our Users with a Redesigned Interface

We help companies thrive with improved communication, so it only makes sense that we value open communication with our clients as well. When we asked which features excited our customers the most, we received quite a few different answers. Some customers really love the analytics and flexibility of the platform, and others noted how much they like Konverse’s customization options. However, there was a common thread of approval: our redesigned interface. 2021 saw us updating the look and feel of our system, and we’re glad that it makes our customers’ employee collaboration even more seamless. Another desirable feature that our clients mentioned is that our app can be white-labeled and proprietary to their company, as this makes it feel like Konverse is not just another vendor the organization is rolling out to their employees.

 Looking Forward

2021 was a tremendous year for supporting our clients’ collaboration, and we were interested in knowing what they’d like to see in our app to make their communication even better in 2022. Overall, there was one consistent response, and that is the ability to have recurring events and tasks in the app. We listened, and we hope to have more news to share with you not too far into the new year!

We hope you had as wonderful a year as we did and that 2022 will bring more success for you and your team. Drop us a line here and let’s start a conversation to see how we can support your organization in the new year. Happy New Year!