Looking for a way to jumpstart the training program at your organization? In addition to a robust onboarding strategy, a training program that utilizes a combination (or all) of these four formats will set up your new hires for success.

1. Launch Onsite Group Training

Schedule a training day with all new hires. Invite them to the business on a closed day and go through any essential training. Managers can also use this as an opportunity for team building and offer help to those with less experience. By getting larger groups together to train all at once, you ensure a consistent employee experience, and teams can get to work with the confidence that they share the same knowledge. You can even consider making group training a regular occurrence. With semi-regular onsite training, employees are programmatically introduced to new ideas and how to build skills together in a time-protected context.

2. Introduce A Mentoring Program

Take advantage of and show your appreciation for any seasoned employees and their crucial knowledge by developing a mentoring or buddy program at your organization. Pair an experienced employee with a newbie and invite them to check in, share ideas, and learn from one another. This is a simple tactic that not only helps inexperienced employees feel more comfortable in their roles, but also builds comradery and helps with company culture.

3. Implement Video Training Via a Digital Library

COVID-19 made it clear that digital tools are essential to keep teams connected. By creating a digital library of training materials, new employees can access important information from wherever they are. Not only that, employees across locations and regions will experience consistent training content, creating a more dependable customer experience across stores. Konverse video rooms, make this simple to implement.

4. Create Space for Knowledge Sharing

Build a space to democratize knowledge and share ideas among teammates. With a channel that is open for everyone to access, an organization signals to its employees that they are invested in sharing ideas and encourage skill building. It also empowers employees to share information they deem valuable, which can improve engagement and team performance. Consider, for example, creating a digital discussion channel where leadership and employees can add helpful resources, articles, and ideas. This is a task that our Knowledge Base feature is perfectly suited to handle.

While a combination of these tactics will give you the best results, even implementing just one of these tactics should spark positive results within your organization.

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