The Human Resources department is often overlooked, but its responsibilities are essential to the healthy functioning of any business. From recruiting and hiring to payroll and policy management, HR teams are inundated with business needs that constantly change. While there are countless technologies to support HR teams, Konverse delivers unique tools to help make their lives easier.

Below are 3 ways HR teams should be using Konverse today.

Onboard new staff with ease.

Onboarding can be a tedious process. In fact, according to a recent international survey, fewer than one-third of executives are satisfied with their organization’s onboarding process and 32 percent believed it to be below average or poor.

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Delivering all the information employees need to be successful can be overwhelming and difficult to organize. But great onboarding sets a positive tone and defines expectations for an employee. Organized, easy-to-access onboarding materials empower staff to more quickly adapt to new roles and help employees develop trust with the organization.

Onboarding with Konverse

With Konverse, HR leaders create Onboarding Rooms to share documents and video in a pre-determined order. HR can track employee completion, send reminders to review content, and even request and collect signatures in-app. Staff can also access these Rooms at any time, making it easy to reference important documents and save them to their personal files.

Importantly, Konverse helps HR teams with compliance in regulatory and government standards by using Konverse’s GRC capabilities. Konverse automatically tracks changes to policies and trainings to ensure the most up-to-date content is available.

Provide continued education at the tip of your fingers.

HR is often responsible for employee engagement and retention strategies. One strategy to improve engagement is to offer continued learning and skill building for employees.

Developing a program for ongoing learning can be intimidating, but organizations that invest in learning create more agile, flexible employees.

Konverse offers tools to create a digital library, where Admins can develop curriculum, track completion rates, and engage with learners. Consider introducing the following content types to your learning programs you can host in your Konverse platform:

  • Video courses
  • Product tutorials
  • Virtual conferences
  • Skills assessments
  • Employee knowledge sharing

Promote referral programs with corporate communication.

Recruiting and retaining great talent is an important responsibility of the HR department. One way to recruit top tier talent is to tap current employees with referrals. A referral program is a recruiting strategy that rewards employees for referring a network of qualified peers to apply for jobs in their organization. By empowering employees to reach out to their networks, your team can save time and money otherwise allocated to job postings and recruiting firms.

In Konverse, the HR team can develop a campaign to promote the organization’s referral program. Discussion Posts and Announcement Rooms can be used to share job listings, ask questions, and celebrate new hires across the organization.

When new hires start, HR leaders or hiring managers can welcome new employees with personalized Posts and fellow employees can comment and like content.

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When employees feel welcomed and supported, retention rates improve and productivity increases. With the right tool in place, HR teams can communicate clearly, keep staff organized, and streamline processes with ease.

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