Learn how to onboard, train, and engage your nondesk employees at scale so teams can get back to work sooner. 

COVID-19 has impacted every sector of every industry across the globe and triggered one of the highest unemployment rates on record in US history. Over the past year, businesses have transformed their practices and processes in an effort to survive in uncertain times. Now, as vaccines are being distributed across the country, employers will need to rebuild their workforce quickly to keep up with increasing demand from customers.

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In this report, we’ll help you build a robust employee engagement plan from scratch. With tools to define the employee experience, internal communication best practices, and culture development tactics, your organization will be equipped with everything you need to rapidly rebuild a successful workforce.

What's in the guide

  • Innovative ideas to refresh and update your current hiring experience.  
  • A tool and brainstorming activity to define your employee experience.
  • Actionable data points to inform your employee engagement strategy.
  • Communication tips, content ideas, and best practices to guide your onboarding and training experience. 
  • Konverse's Internal Communication Framework for nondesk teams.
Nondesk employee engagement strategy