Measuring employee engagement can be tricky. Traditionally, organizations employ Net Promoter Surveys to get a better understanding of employee sentiment, but visibility into daily activity and engagement is a challenge for operators. However, with the right technology, readership, interactions, and productivity can more easily be measured.

Below are a 12 data points to help measure employee engagement at your organization.

Measuring content engagement

Tools like like Konverse can be used to post company announcements. Consider these content engagement data points to measure the success of your post content:

  • View Rate: The percentage of employees that have opened and viewed a post
  • Number of Likes: The amount of "likes" on a post
  • Comments per Post: The number of comments made on a post
  • Click Rate: The percentage of users that viewed the post and clicked a link in the post

Measuring productivity

Konverse can also be used for task management. Measure how often tasks are being marked “complete” and how long they take to be completed to learn more about productivity rates at your organization.

  • Completion Rate: The percentage of assigned tasks that have been completed
  • Time to Complete: The total amount of time it takes a task to be marked "complete"

Measuring event success

Many organizations have internal event programing to keep employees engaged. Think: training sessions, webinars, and roundtables. Track the success of these events over time to see what type of content your employees are most interested in.

  • Attendance Rate: The percentage of invitees that attended the event
  • RSVP Response Breakdown: A breakdown of RSVP responses (yes, no, no response)

Measuring tech adoption

When implementing new technology, it’s important to understand how your employees are using the platform. High adoption rates signify your employees are willing to learn new technology and that your tech investment paid off. Measure adoption with these data points:

  • Login Rate: The percentage of your employees regularly logged in to your application
  • Active User Rate: The number of employees regularly using application features
  • Number of Posts: The number of posts published by employees
  • Engagement per user: The amount a staff member is using the application

Download our free toolkit to learn how to measure employee engagement within Konverse.