We’re proud of the company we keep and we’d like to take a moment to share some exciting news about one of our longtime customers, @properties.

@properties, one of the largest residential brokerage firms in the United States by sales volume, takes their technology seriously.  7+ years ago they were way ahead of the technology curve when they approached us to help build out their all-in-one communications tool to connect and engage their on-the-go teams with an exclusive platform-integrated experience for their agents to collaborate.

Because of the @properties team’s phenomenal work, and with our integrated app-based solutions enhancing their workflow and collaboration, they have just acquired Christie’s International Real Estate and entered a global brand license agreement with the brand. The result is one of the world's largest residential brokerage firms armed with the technology that will allow further worldwide expansion. With nearly 900 locations across the globe, Konverse will be right there with them to foster collaboration and future growth.

@properties’ early investment in their agents, culture, and technology has paid off, providing the ability to acquire a luxury brokerage firm as prestigious as Christie’s International Real Estate. Now, @properties will be able to scale its technology on a global level. The company's suite of brokerage-tech applications, called pl@tform™, gives its agents the ability to manage all aspects of the client relationship and transaction through one completely integrated system. In fact, much of @properties’ technology suite is built upon the Konverse platform.

By implementing Konverse into their technology stack, @properties was able to reduce their emails by 75,000 per day and saw a 378% increase in sales. In addition to tremendous sales growth, increased agent communication, and a rapidly expanding business, @properties was able to keep their original company culture intact with Konverse. “The way I think about Konverse is that I can’t imagine our company living without it at this point. It’s so ingrained in our culture now from a communication standpoint that it’s just one of those things that has to be there now,” said Joni Meyerowitz, COO at @properties.

With ease of use in mind, @properties agents were able to quickly hit the ground running with their new collaboration tool. “There are not a lot of technologies that you can roll out and cross that hurdle of getting adoption right away, and Konverse is an exception to that,” said Meyerowitz. With the support of Konverse, agents are able to work smarter by utilizing an all-in-one app, eliminating the need to jump to multiple applications to accomplish their tasks. Learn more about @properties' use of Konverse here.

We’re proud of @properties and their success, and we’re grateful that we’ve been able to help them along the way. Your organization can also benefit from the features that Konverse offers. To learn more, schedule a demo today, or contact us here.