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January 2022

Better Analytics

Checkout our updated analytics to see how your users are interacting with the app. Find out which users are using the mobile app, who’s creating content, what are the most popular rooms, posts, plugins and more!. Learn more about the update

More App Customizations - Icons and Color Scheme

With our new icon generator you can choose from thousands of icons and then customize the colors to match your brand Learn more about the new icon generator.

It is also now easier to customize the color scheme of your app. Choose from one of our predefined color pallets or design your own. Learn how.

Improved Admin Experience

Adding new users just got easier with the ability to clone another user's permissions and groups. Learn how to clone a user.

Admins now also have the ability to validate secondary email addresses for users. Here's how.

September 2021

Scheduled Posts to Publish at a Later Time

You can now schedule your posts to publish at a later date. Once your post is drafted, an option to schedule the post for later will appear. Select a recommended time or set a custom time to publish later. Learn more about the update

Create and Assign Custom Badges

Boost company morale and motivation by rewarding your employees’ achievements with badges on their user profiles. Create custom badges with unique icons and assign them individually or in groups, so employees can track growth and share accomplishments. Highlight a badge on your profile so other users can easily view what you’ve earned.

SkySlope Widget Integration Now Available In-app

Konverse is thrilled to announce their latest integration partnership with SkySlopean industry leader in real estate transaction management. Konverse launched the new SkySlope API widget within the Konverse platform to support easy offer writing, prepare listing agreements, digitally sign, and much more. The solution aims to help real estate agents accomplish their daily tasks more easily all from one centralized hub.

August 2021

Konverse Knowledge Base Launched

Access guides and view FAQs for your most common questions in Konverse's new Knowledge Base. Use the Knowledge Base to acquaint yourself with new features and to troubleshoot. Access the Knowledge Base here. 

June 2021

Connect Franchises with Partner Publishing

Partner Publishing is Konverse’s latest feature that directly connects corporate communicators with their franchisee’s Konverse apps. With Partner Publishing, corporate leadership can opt franchise or affiliate apps into corporate announcements. This way, corporate content is directly pushed to franchise or affiliate apps without the need to switch to corporate’s Konverse app. Learn how to get Partner Publishing on your app here. 







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