Upgrading your real estate brokerage’s communication system can be transformative for your business. A sophisticated communication platform for deskless employees provides a space for workers to collaborate, manage busy schedules, and attend to customer relations.

But adopting a new system is often an arduous process. Many workers will be reluctant to adopt new technology since they are used to running things “the old way.” So what is the best way to improve agent user adoption for your brokerage? Here are our tips on how to help your team seamlessly transition to a new platform.

#1 Be Transparent and Engaging

The best way to foster a team-oriented atmosphere is to encourage open communication and transparency. Before you implement new technology, explain to your team why you’re making the change. Be specific about the benefits that a new program will offer your company, and discuss areas you’re hoping to improve, like productivity and collaboration.

Additionally, provide employees with clear information about what to expect during the transition period, and address the specific steps they’ll need to take to integrate the new program into their day-to-day operations. Encourage employees to approach the new program with an open mind, and emphasize your own enthusiasm going forward.

#2 Start by Training Key Employees

It’s a bad idea to offer all employees access to the new platform at the same time. This may create unnecessary confusion and leave employees with incomplete training. Instead, provide key employees access to the new program before everyone else. Offering top-earners a preview of the new platform allows you to leverage their experience to inspire other employees to adopt the new technology later on.

Top earners often act as mentors to their coworkers, and their encouragement, support, and insight will make a big difference when teaching team members how to use a new communication platform.

#3 Create a Custom Experience

No one knows the ins and outs of your company better than you. However, agents may have grown accustomed to the status-quo and may be reluctant to shift to a new method of operating despite your encouragements.

But, there’s no need to completely reinvent the wheel. An updated communication platform doesn’t mean you need to change all your operations. Competitive vendors should provide you with the tools you need to customize your company’s interface. This means that although some things may change, other operations and practices will transition seamlessly to work with new software.

#4 Opt for a User-Friendly Interface

High-tech capabilities and cutting-edge features don’t necessarily make a platform easier to use. In fact, a communication platform needs to function like a comfortable pair of shoes: it’s a great fit, offers support, and can travel anywhere. A sophisticated interface should offer integrations for other programs, so your employees have all their essential information on one, simple platform.

User-friendly features include:

  • Single sign on.
  • Customizable applications.
  • Data analytics.
  • Language support.
  • Integrated third-party programs.

Plus, with a cloud-based platform, employees can stay connected and up-to-date no matter where their next job takes them.

#5 Partner with a Vendor Who Has Your Back

Remember, you’re also beginning a new partnership with your communication platform provider, and it’s essential you have the support you need to hit the ground running. A vendor should have accessible customer-service, and provide materials to ease your transition.

Additionally, work with a vendor who prioritizes your security and peace of mind. Make sure you have comprehensive data protection, and opt for a vendor who incorporates the latest practices in data security.

Konverse is the Answer to Your Communication Needs

Konverse is an affordable, customizable, platform dedicated to uniting your deskless workforce. With expertise in a wide variety of industries, from hospitality, to retail, to real estate, Konverse’s versatile platform connects employees through a user-friendly interface.

At Konverse, we know that every business has their own way of doing things, and we love the unique qualities that make each of our clients shine. To help you incorporate our platform into your workflow, we offer customizable features and third-party integrations so you can create a platform that works for you.

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