Konverse Featured in Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine

Konverse was recently highlighted in the May issue of Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine in the featured article Succeeding During Industry Disruption. The article, written by Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers Craig McClelland, shares why he believes organizations should always strive to disrupt themselves – before their competition does – especially during times of industry crisis.

"As I talk to fellow industry leaders, a common theme emerges. Once we are beyond this pandemic, the industry won’t be the same. Consumers will see the advantages of virtual tools and will be more open to utilizing them. If you can’t learn to leverage technology, you won’t thrive now or when the market returns."
– Craig McClelland, Succeeding During Industry Disruption

Craig shares how technology has enabled his team to rethink employee engagement, democratize knowledge, engage with customers, and continue to innovate. He breaks down how his team uses their white-labeled version of Konverse as the central hub of their communication strategy, from company announcements and industry materials to training videos and new procedure information. Craig also explains his approach to leadership, which allows him to stay nimble, optimistic, and focused in times of uncertainty.

Read the full article here.

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